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Plantifultaste offers an array of services for eco- and health-conscious companies with the aim of creating a positive impact in the world. 

Our team supports products and services that are promoting sustainability, health, and wellbeing of people and the planet. Through the art of visual and written storytelling, Plantifultaste contributes to the development of a strong and clear brand image that inevitably assists in their growth. 

If that is something you are interested in – reach out with your needs and budget and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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It takes much advertency to capture the philosophy of brands or people’s emotions with photography. Our goal with this work is to discover and reveal those moments that speak for themselves, that show the uniqueness of people’s personality, the connection between people, the quality offered by a company’s products, or a feeling behind the moment in lifestyle photography that speaks to the hearts of the audience.

Starting At

300 € for 5 edited pictures
600 € for 15 edited pictures
1000 € for 30 edited pictures
1600 € for 50 edited pictures
(pricing differs for changing settings/products)

Video creation is quite different from photography. To remain the quality of the visual content consistent throughout the whole timeline while it being aligned to the unique request, style, and idea behind the project can be challenging. However, there is nothing as powerful and moving as a well-curated video. Whether it is a mouthwatering recipe that makes you want to go to the kitchen and start cooking, or a story-telling film explaining your brand’s mission, the videos we create always speak louder than words and inspire people to take action.

Starting At

450€ for short clips from 15-30 sec. (Reels, Tik Tok, Pinterest Clips, Story Ads)
750€ for 1 min videos (Recipe Video, Product Ad)
1000 € for 1-2 min videos (Image video, Product clip)



A great article is not only knowledgeable but motivational. As a holistic nutritionist, herbalist, horticulturist, and experienced content creator, Paula has a broad perspective in the holistic health and sustainable living niche. By combining her kind and understanding tone of writing with expertise and thorough research she is creating articles and blogposts that readers refer to as ‘inspiring and open minding.

Starting At

250 € for 600-800 words (magazine article or blog post) without pictures
(+ 175 € with 3-5 photos)

With a nutritionist background and years of professional recipe development for magazines, online portals, ebooks, and her own Plantifultaste blog, Paula is creating high-quality recipes that are mouth-watering, balanced in nutrients, and can be made for a variety of unique diets such as wholefood, gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free, etc. 

Kitchen props, beautiful food-photo backdrops as well as food-styling technics and professional camera gear – all come together featuring delicious and healthy foods. 

As a herbalist, she is also offering herbal medicine recipes and homemade natural skincare recipes.

Starting At

300 € for recipe + photos

Recipe Development & Food Styling

Collaborations & Sponsored Partnerships

Plantifultaste’s IG audience has been growing each year thanks to the consistently high-quality content along with transparency and honesty throughout any conversation with the audience. 

Paula is offering her blog for advertisement placements through creating personal and authentic posts, Reels, IGTV videos, or Stories for those brands uniquely that she finds relevant and valuable to her and her readers. With the same intention, the Plantifultaste website can be a space for a sponsored partnership in the form of blog posts, recipes, or videos featuring high-quality sustainable products and services. 

contact me for a custom pricing according to the unique kind of placement

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